Bonobo Unveils Title Track From New EP, “Flashlight”.

Bonobo Unveils Title Track From New EP, “Flashlight”

British musician, DJ and producer Bonobo is world renowned for his electronic music prowess. Revered by artists and fans alike, Simon Green is well versed with cutting edge electronica production as well as his deftness at live performances with his 12 piece band. The range of his musical tastes far outweigh and surpass any genre barrier, and if there’s one thing (amongst many) we love this musical pioneer for, its for his top notch sampling skills.

Bonobo may have released 5 albums thus far, but this virtuoso has stepped up his game altogether with a spanking new EP set to drop on December 1st titled Flashlight. Luckily, ardent fans like you and I, needn’t wait that long, as Simon’s generously released the title track for a free download!

Flashlight begins with a typical Bonobo-esque drum beat. The real tune begins to unravel as Simon introduces an angelic fluttering of a symphony that suddenly paves the way for an uber modern guitar melody. Meticulously merging the above with a variety of samples that leave us spellbound, Simon’s point of no return is the subtle pounding bassline, that quite frankly has us speechless. With Bonobo’s blend of earthy yet modern sounds, Flashlight is a maze like tune we’ve gotten completely addicted to. Don’t blame us if you find yourself listening to this one on repeat all day, we’re doing the same!

Stay tuned for more when the EP releases. Till then, enjoy this A- grade piece of production.



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