Deadmau5 disses Afrojack on Twitter, Again!

Deadmau5 is at it again. The Canadian DJ and producer, who’s never shied away from taking potshots at anyone on Twitter, has this time aimed a dig at Afrojack. Again!
Deadmau5 took a shot at Afrojack’s driving skills, after the Dutch DJ and producer crashed his Ferrari 458 Italia again yesterday. Afrojack didn’t take the “compliment” very kindly, firing back at Deadmau5 almost immediately. However, later on he went on to delete his tweets.

This tweet started it all.




Even though Afrojack can’t win, deadmau5 definitely seems to be winning Twitter.
Though this is not the first time when the mau5 and Afrojack have been at loggerheads. Last year in July, both of them couldn’t seem to find any common ground on varying production techniques and tastes.


2 responses to “Deadmau5 disses Afrojack on Twitter, Again!

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