Designer Creates ‘Music Festival Schedule Temporary Tattoos’!

Music Festivals give its audiences some of their most memorable moments of their lives. The joy of being with your friends, listening to your favorite artists while exploring a universe curated specially to adhere to your every need in the festival spirit, can be purely liberating for most. Given the plethora of festivals and artists to choose from, we’re almost always exhausted with our choices of good music. So how do we plan it? How do we make sure that we don’t miss out on any of the fun?

Well, this Festival season, Designer Sarah Lawrence may have the answer for you! Graphic designer and Design section editor for Paste Magazine, Lawrence has in-genuinely mastered an art of staying in touch, and in good spirit she went on to share her secrets on her own blog, giving us confused attendees a chance at some clarity. What you need is temporary tattoo sheets or a thin layered sticker paper (you can get these at your nearby stationary stores), a pair of scissors, a wet cloth and plenty of excitement!

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Simply using the method as explained in these photos, you can now always keep in mind where you need to be to catch your favorite artists. And once all the festivities are concluded, you can simply add some baby oil and start afresh. We’d advise that if this Festivals season you’re looking to particularly have a good time, it isn’t a bad idea to tattoo in your emergency contact details as well! Simple idea right? We’re glad someone thought of this after all!


Source: Sarah Lawrence


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