Harry Romero & SikDuo – One Machine (Original Mix)


Some artists never get old. The evergreen Harry Romero is living proof to that testament as he constantly reinvents and molds his sound to redefine trends in electronic music. The highly respected veteran producer joined forces with the upcoming producers SikDuo to conjure his own vision of Acid Techno. The track is brutal and unrelenting to say the least and is destined to be a huge hit come this winter season. The track is the second release on Toolroom Trax – a brand new division of the esteemed Toolroom Records label.


The track uses a sharp acid synth on it that charges up the track ever so gradually. Heavy and consistent percussion blends into the main synth groove alongwith a haunting waveform and pad melody ringing in the background. All elements seem to dodge each other and vary in tempo and aggression to create all sorts of moods and textures in the length of the song. Certainly not a track for the weak-hearted, this one will have you swerving in absolutely no time.

You can now purchase the track from here.


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