Gig Alert: Resurrection Paradise at i-Kandy, Delhi



The state of Kashmir in India has been faced with severe tragedy in recent months. Having seen one of the worst floods ever recorded, that ravaged cities, towns & villages, the people of the state are suffering in the aftermath of the natural disaster as they pick up what pieces remain of their broken homes, crippled economy and shattered dreams. In a time such as these, we need to be united as one in order to invoke a sense of unity of peace throughout the country. Through the reformed spirit of Dance Music, the good people at Ownage Entertainment have taken the initiative to give back a small part of their exhaustive event & artist management roster back to the people of the Kashmir, in a move that has us standing up in applause.


Presenting, ‘Resurrection Paradise‘  – a special series of gigs, where all proceeds of the gigs will go towards re-building of the state of Kashmir. So while we are enthralled by performances by some of India’s finest, the night shines on in a legacy, knowing that help to areas that is most required is coming soon. A heartwarming message below by the good people at Ownage.


As all of you must know that Kashmir was recently ravaged by devastating floods and it has resulted in loss of both life as well as property and has left thousands homeless and has also crippled the economy to add to the various health issues the floods leave behind. We here at Ownage hold Kashmir very close to our hearts and want to play a small part in the rehabilitation of the place they call “Paradise on earth.” We are planning to do a charity gigs in each of the cities mentioned and will try to add more to do our bit. I am very thankful to our family at LiMN Entertainment, WMS,Deep Sound Entertainment, Musifix, Shark & Ink, Electrance India, Euphoric Magazine, Musync Entertainment, Elements.Inc, Kyoas Entertainment for being a part of the cause. A very big shout out to Kochivibe for the artwork. Every penny collected will be used to buy amenities and sent to Kashmir. Let us resurrect our paradise together. 


Known as ‘paradise on earth’, the state of Kashmir will see itself at the receiving end of a string of charitable gigs spread across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad. The first gig begins at Delhi at the iconic i-Kandy venue, on 26th October, where a sparkling lineup of DJs come together for this good cause. Entry prices have been kept to a nominal price of Rs.500 to make sure that the spirit of good music goes hand in hand with the spirit of charity.




Event Details


Date: 26th October 2014

Venue: i-Kandy, Delhi




NDS & Blue

Progressive brothers

Doktor Daniel



Kanov B2B Sarthak




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