Deadmau5 Bags Yet Another Award; Not The Kind You Think Though!

Canadian troll-master Joel ‘Deadmau5‘ Zimmerman has bagged yet another award but form the most unlikeliest of sources! The top producer and ‘EDM’ hater has bagged the no.1 spot for the new DJ poll that has been going viral of late: The Bottom100DJs‘!

Fresh off his beef with Dutch big-gun Afrojack, Canada’s prodigal son was told last night he had won the competition in its 1st ever edition and, needless to say, the Mau5 reacted to the news in typical fashion with the following tweet:

Not a single soul can argue the genius and magnificence possessed by Deadmau5 in his musical productions. Similarly none can argue that it may well be his ‘troll’ status that helped him bag this award! Definitely not a favorite among his peers, having attacked many an artist publicly in the past, Deadmau5 has also been getting quite a few negative reactions from Dance Music fans world over for his sudden, yet entertaining, outbursts.

The top 5 consists of Deadmau5, wanna-be DJ Paris Hilton, Jersey shore fame-boy Pauly D, seasoned veteran David Guetta & EDM’s very own cake enthusiast Steve Aoki.

The remainder of the list can be found here for your amusement!


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