Watch This: Calvin Harris – Slow Acid (Official Music Video)

Watch This: Calvin Harris – Slow Acid (Official Music Video)

Fans from the EDM fraternity, by now you must be aware that dance music superstar Calvin Harris is all set to release his new artist album ‘Motion’ on November 4th. The 15-track album collective exhibits some of his major hits including ‘Summer‘ and ‘Under Control‘, however, Harris effortlessly balances out these radio-friendly singles with some productions that you wouldn’t particularly expect to hear from him.

One of these exceptional high quality productions will be Harris’ new single that he has been teasing us with lately. The wait is over and the sparkling new production, ‘Slow Acid’ has been unveiled with an official music video. Uncharacteristically, Harris takes a techno route that is instrumental with only a high-pitched “Wooo!” vocal sample that occasionally echoes down the assembly of sounds. The music video directed by Emil Nava complements the song sporting both action and stimulating elements.

Scenes of a woman covered in metallic body paint out on the streets, causing trouble. Although conventional fans might get a bizarre feeling with this song, it is good to see Mr. Harris growing his style in front of such a huge audience. Check out the official music video of ‘Slow Acid’ now.


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