Exclusive Coverage: Premiere of Above & Beyond’s new track from the Iconic Times Square!


We recently brought you news of Above & Beyond’s new artist album, We Are All We Need that’s due in January 2015. Now the masters of emotional dance music, have a title track to go with that news!

Their new track which features the not-of-this-world vocal stylings of Zoe Johnston, is a perfect example of exactly why they are so widely adorned and loved all over the world. The track itself has a splendid mix of classic emotional trance synths, hair-raising and powerful string work that’s fit for an OST to a epic Holywood production, and a modern sound. Not to mention the whole thing being brought to such electric life by Ms Johnston’s divine voice. The track itself embodies the emotion, strength and connection we draw from those people in our lives that mean the most to us.


As Above & Beyond recently commented: “No song on the album embodies these themes more than the aforementioned title track “We’re All We Need”, sung beautifully by Zoë Johnston.”

The video is a sublime tribute to the cult classic film Thelma & Louise and perfectly captures the essence of the track.

This is what the trio had to say about the album

We Are All We Need” is an an album that places human relationships at its core, and explores the experiences and emotions that bind us – whether on defiant ode to friendship “We’re All We Need”, the anthemic “Blue Sky Action” or the possessive, post break-up tension of “Sticky Fingers”. As with 2011’s “Group Therapy”, Above & Beyond have worked with Andrew Bayer on the production of the album, which features 16 tracks including vocal collaborations with Zoë Johnston, Alex Vargas and Justine Suissa.”

“As the writing process unfolded we kept noticing a recurring theme. Zoe hit it on the head with the beautiful song “We’re All We Need” and, after a minute’s thought, we had our album title. It’s very Above & Beyond and feels to us like a development of Group Therapy: you are most certainly included in our ‘We’!”


The video itself had its own grand premiere at the iconic Times Square in New York City, ahead of their iconic celebrations of the 100th episode of their radio show, Group Therapy, where hordes of fans filled the streets in anticipation of the video. It was an indescribable feeling, as no one new each other, yet everyone could feel the love. Standing in the middle of Times Square with so many other people from all over the world but none of these boundaries kept us from being a family. A family that was united with Group Therapy. Everyone spoke to each other like they’ve known each other for years. People from as far as Australia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, India, London and South Africa had all made the journey to be present. It was probably the most surreal experience and so emotional at the same time. And right in the center, there it was, the Group Therapy flag. In no time we were probably the biggest crowd there and it was amazing!


What was perfect is the track ‘We Are All We Need’ is about that moment right there. It’s about us fans, the love we share. To premiere the video in the middle of Times Square with throngs of fans was the perfect way to unite us. Everyone just stood still while the song played, like the world came to a stop.  The joy everyone shared at that point had to be witnessed to be believed. There were smiles, tears, hugs, kisses and nothing else but pure love. It’s truly awe-inspiring that these 3 legends make music not to be listened to, but felt. To see such a diverse world, united in the vibrancy of all the lights at Time Square, by one simple emotion, and one single song, is something that truly requires a great effort to be accomplished. ButAbove & Beyond make it seem so easy.

Life is truly made of small moments like these.


Covered By: Nikita M. Fernandes.


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