Rumour: Tomorrowland India To Happen In Mid-January 2015!


In what could be one of the biggest headlines of the year, the world renowned Tomorrowland Festival that could be coming to India, may now land sooner than you expect! Right after you’re done parading down the sun-kissed shores of Goa post the festival season in December, it’ll be time to make another quick trip back to the musical paradise in January, as organizers for the iconic festival are approaching a final date for their inaugural venture in India. Planning to host a festivious 3-day musical event in mid-January, here’s what the Tourism minister Dilip Parulekar had to say regarding the announcement.

Apart from the proposal received from Percept Company and Supersonic to host musical events in month of December, we have also received a proposal of one of the most notable global musical festival group ‘Tomorrowland. The event organisers have approached us and have shown interest to host the event in mid of January but the responsibility for identification of land will have to be borne by the group since they require 3.5 lakh sq mts of land which is difficult to identify.


So there you have it, folks! The announcement you’ve been waiting for! Considering that India has shown a respectable tally of music fans and aficionados over the season, it was only a matter of time till the untapped Indian market was explored. We couldn’t be more excited at the prospects of seeing the World’s most prestigious Electronic Dance Music Festival to come to India. It’s time to finally start using the hashtag #TomorrowlandIndia!

Source: Goacom


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