Deadmau5 – Some Chords (Dillon Francis Remix)

The upcoming 5 years of mau5 compilation album has us all excited. After all, some of the best names in the dance music industry remixing deadmau5? You don’t see that happening everyday. And now the Dillon Francis remix of Some Chords has been uploaded to mau5trap‘s Soundcloud to give fans a hint of what awaits them.

Keeping intact the original chord progression, Dillon Francis adds a thumping bassline to progress towards the buildup, which all seems similar to what Francis has been producing of late, but as the breakdown approaches, all hell breaks loose as the distorted bass, elements from the original production and vocal samples from “My Pet Coelacanth” come together to make for a blistering dance floor destroyer.

If this is just a sign of things to come, we’re definitely looking forward to listening to the rest of the remixes.
Check out the Dillon Francis remix below


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