Deadmau5 – The Reward Is Cheese (Remixes)

Deadmau5 - The Reward Is Cheese (Remixes)

Not too long ago, public enemy #1 Deadmau5 intended on releasing his 5 years of mau5 remix double album on November 25th. Well, the buck doesn’t stop there as Joel has decided to treat his fans in a special way altogether! Infamously renowned, The Reward Is Cheese Remix EP has been announced, featuring a trifecta of remixes courtesy Ferhplay, Nom De Strip and Tujamo.

One of the most illustrious tracks to date, here’s a fun statistic: The Reward Is Cheese was released seven years ago! However, these three artists do spin a hella fine tune out of the original. Here’s a quick summary of each.


Now Ferhplay takes this one all along the progressive melodic route. Inching with increased beat work every second, Fehrplay does extremely well to insert samples from the original merged with futuristic electronic synths. One of the most beautiful melodic takes, we believe this remix does true blue justice.

Nom De Strip-

Known for his swashbuckling energetic music, Nom De Strip starts off amazingly, using the original’s build up gelling it with hard hitting electro synths. Taking this into peak time zones, Nom De Strip breaks this down completely with an array of robotic industrial synths that take its time into delivering its true reward of dance floor annihilation.


Keeping things lively as usual, Tujamo uses signature electro buildups with slight tropical influences to ease this beast in. Taking it massively high, Tujamo fuses layered breaks with looped vocal samples to ensure this one sucks all the adrenaline out of you. Watch out for that epic build up post 90 seconds!

Available for purchase via iTunes here.



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