Eekkoo – Hell Is Other People EP



Eekkoo is one of those sparkling producers whose career encompasses everything beautiful about Dance music. It was veteran producer and Canadian Dance Music legend Deadmau5 that first discovered Eekkoo‘s phenomenal musical abilities. Mentoring him thereforth, he’s now got the young Progressive producer to release his own special 5-track EP, called Hell is Other People, on the prestigious mau5trap Records. Each track on this EP, needless to say, is refreshingly original and hard to pin down onto any specific genre or sound style.

The opening track of the EP is the stunning collaboration with Casper Whirlin and Sailor & I called ‘Elysium‘. Also released previously as an original release, it features a downtempo and a heightened sense of a chill-out vibe, the track builds on a resolute drumline that keeps us grooving without imposing us to let our hair down. ‘B.L.A.C.K‘, however, is on its own course as it pushes an eerie bassline and plenty of haunting FX marking the single as one of those sinister moments on the dancefloor where you don’t know if you should slouch in fear in exalt in excitation. ‘Dom Cobb‘ build on the energy from his predecessor but adds a slight tinge of progressive elements into its arrangement. Chopped up vocal samples, a warm synth groove and carefully assessed bass stabs puts this track into a sound spectrum of its own. With ‘Skeptic‘, Eekkoo, takes a straight dive into a melodic brand of Techno with minimalistic percussion fused with a resurgent melodic riff that echoes back and forth various elements. Once again with a slightly darker undertone, Eekkoo makes plenty of room for subtle shifts in sonic progression as the final one-third of the track elevates the track into a new dimension. The final track, the title track for the EP, ‘Hell is other people‘ summarizes this entire venture with carefully assembled and perfectly retrofitted nuances of each track and style into one. The track again avoids categorization and sustains its moody elements through its curious vocal sample and a dark percussion loop that lends a Techno feel as easily as it does a Progressively deeper undercut.


This is one EP you’d like to adorn your trophy cabinet with, so we’d suggest you grab it with both hands or a single mouse click from here.



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