Watch This: David Guetta releases new documentary titled Unforguettable

David Guetta Releases 60-min Megamix To Commemorate Huge Upcoming Week!

David Guetta is one of the most synonymous names in the dance music world today. From touring the world extensively and playing at festivals to producing hit singles and working on studio albums, he’s done it all.

And to commemorate his 24 year journey as a DJ and a producer, Guetta has released a documentary titled Unforguettable, which chronicles his 12-day, 11 city tour this year through Brazil, while also showing the impact that his music and live shows have had on people over the years, featuring two fans, who’ve seen some 40 odd David Guetta sets live worldwide, while also featuring multiple other fans who express their gratitude to Guetta for changing their lives with his music.

If you’re fan of the man or just looking to get an insight into Guetta‘s life, check out this documentary


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