Preview: Max Vangeli & Adrien Mezsi – DNCE (Original Mix)

When you’re signed onto SIZE Records, you’re always expected to produce something out of the ordinary. And Max Vangeli has done exactly that with his new production DNCE, in collaboration with Adrien Mezsi. The San Francisco based DJ and producer, who’s a regular on SIZE Records, gives us another treat with his knack for catchy melodies.
Starting off with a percussive line, with synths building up in the back, the song progresses towards the buildup, when a robotic female voice speaks “Come and dance with me“, unleashing the breakdown with distorted bass synths, meant to destroy dancefloors everywhere. Though the track amazes overall, the brilliant use of drums by Vangeli is highly commendable as they give the track a complete new dimension of its own.
Due to be released on the 27th of October, exclusively on Spotify, this track has SIZE written all over it. Check out the preview of the track below.


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