Over a dozen underage fans hospitalized at Skrillex’s show in Chicago

Dance music seems to be finding it rather difficult to get rid of the drug use and accidents that have followed the genre over a period of time. Incidents and further hospitalisations of fans (usually underage) have given the genre a rather negative image over a period of time. And the latest incident comes from Skrillex‘s Navy Pier show in Chicago. What was going on smoothly as a stellar show by Skrillex and his crew, was marred by reports of at least a dozen minors who had to be transported to a local hospital after consumption of drugs and alcohol.
Around 1/3rd of the crowd at the show consisted of minors, which also raises serious concerns whether promoters should start enforcing higher age restrictions at future events, considering the fact that a lot of other fans have complained about irresponsible behaviour from the younger audience present at the shows.
Andy Bazos, president of CrowdRX, who also manage medical assistance for SFX Entertainment‘s events said “I personally think that the more that word gets out there, the better.
And as a matter of fact, he’s right. Educating dance music fans on the whole issue should be the top priority. Drugs in no way enhance your music experience. What’s the use of listening or experiencing music. and then not remembering it the next day or some time later, because you were too high or ODing on some substance. Just take in music in its purest form. You won’t need any other drug than music.

Source: NBC Chicago


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