Ultra Music Festival Gets Sued For Millions!


You remember the security guard who got injured at Ultra Music Festival, Miami previously this year? Well, Erica Mack isn’t taking the incident lightly and is back as perhaps Ultra‘s worst nightmare with a $10 million lawsuit! And rightly so, for not only was she trampled over but also left in a critical condition after a fan stampede caused the security gate to fall on her. The 28 year old was admitted with brain hemorrhaging, a broken leg, and blood coming out of her ears and her near-death injury led to a consideration of Ultra moving out of Miami. While Ultra claims that “the complaint [Mack’s] lawyers have now filed as part of a lawsuit does not properly recite the facts of the unfortunate accident,” and “event organizers believe that the incident was caused by illegal actions of unknown third parties for which it is not responsible,” it has come to light that additional security measures were suggested by Miami police force that weren’t carried out by UMF. She will be voicing the horror of her experience for the first time since the incident on 27th October.


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