Know Your Artist: Astrix


5.Front stage

Avi Shmailov aka Astrix is one of those artists who has pioneered the genre of psy-trance whilst maintaining his penchant for experimentation and constant urge to achieve perfection in whatever sound he produces. Establishing himself as a Top notch artist over the last two decades, the Trance expert has helped reinstate the Israeli dominion over Psy-Trance lovers all over the world. His unique and melodic style infuses a sense of drama and euphoria into all his compositions, which are unmistakable and can be easily defined as his style. As we count down the days, when the Astrix storm hits India, we take a look at this artist’s numerous feats and achievements and his incredible journey as one of Dance Music’s elite.




Born in Russia in the early 80’s, he grew up in Tel-Aviv and began spinning 80’s and alternative music in 1995. Playing the European new-wave stuff and some electro, it was when he heard Goa trance for the first time, that inspiration hit him and he began to find semblance in his sound style and the hard hitting surreal sounds of Goa-trance. What followed was a wave of experimentation for the next couple of years, with his singles becoming part of famous and renowned compilations, before 2002 saw him release his own first solo psy-trance album, ‘Eye to Eye’ on the prestigious HOM-mega Records, and it quickly was rated as one of the best albums to date for its superior music production which mirrored his unique approach of finding a fine balance between the chaos of a dance floor and the coolness of at-home listening.


Feats and accolades followed quickly at the heels of the Israeli maestro, when in 2004 Astrix headlined a huge bash at London’s Alexandria Palace to mark the launch of his second production album, ‘Artcore’, once again on HOM-mega Records. Psy-trance fans turned up in packs and massive crowds in numbers, for his huge party, certifying is immovable spirit from his true style of eclectic Dance Music! Unshaken by the popular music myths every track in his live set has that special ingredient to get your hands clapping and your body moving for a standing ovation. Once Astrix’s musical sound got familiarized as his trademark, he turned to invest the years after to developing his DJ persona. Compiling & producing for leading brands such as Nu-clear Visions , Psychedelic Academy and Astrix & Friends. In 2009 Astrix’s label, HOMmega productions, was the first to release an Astrix digital artist album, on a compact stick flash drive format, “One Step Ahead” which later culminated into an almost nonstop world wide tour!

Crowd 5.Gathering Festival - Japan



Over the last couple of years, studio time was a rare commodity for Astrix, but nevertheless he managed to find the extra hours to work on his 3rd studio album for HOMmega. With ‘Red means distortion’, Astrix clearly reiterates his distinguished music production style as he leads the way forward with his soul-shaking anthems which have been instrumental in spreading his sound worldwide. He further ventured into various nuances of the harder styles of trance through his mix sessions titled “Trance for Nations” since 2010.


4.Studio pic



As a performer, Astrix is credited to bring tremendous energy and excitement to the fore. Having performed at the biggest parties, festivals and stages across the globe including Dance Valley, SW4, Creamfileds, Love Parade, UAF, Planeta Atlantida and headlined nights in the best clubs and venues such as Alexandria Palace, Brixton Academy, Pacha, Ministry of sounds, The City, Volume, Nox, amongst others, his combination of euphoria and funk, along with his faultless, crystal-clear production technique, that sits him head and shoulders above most producers – psy or otherwise. His live and DJ Sets in high profile gigs including , which have seen him play to over 200,000 people at once, taking them into full-on journeys of the most uplifting echelons of the psy-trance world, with a heavy focus on the feelings invoked by the more traditional strains of trance music while never losing site of the groovy element. Astrix stands out amongst many because what he makes is by no means formulaic dancefloor fodder. It’s clear listening to his music that he is more of a musician and a rare talent indeed.





We can’t wait for this mega-superstar to hit India this November! For more information about his upcoming India tour, click here for details.




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