A Cover of Strobe like you’ve never heard before!

A Cover of Strobe like you've never heard before!

Covers of Deadmau5’s iconic tune ‘Strobe‘ may be a dime a dozen all over YouTube, but there’s one special acoustic effort that sets its competition miles apart. We’re talking about Niall Fegan’s attempt.

To pay homage to Deadmau5’s beautiful original, Fegan creates a smouldering combination between acoustics and electronics to etch a memory, not just any random tune you listen to and forget. With the use of several percussion instruments, retro guitar riffs and a piano lit by candle light, Fegan also has Ableton pumping beats and synths in the background to give this the electronic swirl.

Based out of London, Niall’s cover of ‘Strobe‘ is his first YouTube upload. With only 35 subscribers thus far, if he keeps up this level of churning out quality music, we won’t be surprised to see those figures quantify over time.

Check it out and tell us what you think.


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