Kick some fake DJ ass in new video game backed by Deadmau5

A lot of people have had their say regarding all the performers and bandwagon DJs that have infiltrated dance music these days. They ask everyone to raise their hands, jump or just throw cakes at them to make the crowd into believing that they’re having a good time. But for proper dance music aficionados, they are nothing more than showmen. Yet, criticizing them was the most that people could do. Not anymore. Well almost.

Dr. Kucho!, a Spanish house DJ and producer, has been developing his own video game, titled Ghosts’ N DJs where, according to the description of the game, you get to “destroy the hordes of fake DJ’s taking over the world by dominating the music scene from the top positions, not because of their musical talent but because of a magical power they brought from Averno. This evil power is called … money.
Sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it? Hold on till we tell you the best part.

Among the many “fake DJs” in the game are Devil Guetta, Steve Sushi, world’s highest paid “DJ” Paris Sheraton, Mr. Worldwide aka Pitbullshit and Pauly Douchebag (Pretty sure you would’ve guessed who all these characters are)
The game is still in its developmental stages and Dr. Kucho! has started a Kickstarter campaign to help get the funding to develop the game and give it a final release. And he has managed to raise $6000 out of the targeted $45000, with one of the backer being none other than our favourite troller Deadmau5.

Let’s hope Joel donated more that $3000, because come on. Let’s admit it. Watching Deadmau5 as a character in the game, destroying everyone he rants against, would be pretty sweet! (Pledging $3000 or more to the project entitles you to becoming a main character in the game)
Checkout some of the screenshots from the game.




Pauly D

If you want, you can donate towards the developing of the game by clicking here.


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