Firebeatz’ Top 5 #Bangin Tracks



Hailing from Holland, Firebeatz is a duo on a rapid climb up the rungs of EDM. From brilliant remixes of classics such as Calabria to collaborating with Martin Garrix, this duo isn’t far behind after making its debut on Rank 56 on the DJMag top 100 DJ chart this year. Expect top notch party anthems from this duo and here are our top 5 tracks by them!

1. Firebeatz & KSHMR- No Heroes (feat. Luciana) (Original Mix)

This electro house banger features a brilliant intro and some energy infused beats! With this release many listeners were second guessing their distrust in Spinnin Records. The Dutch duo sure had festivals booming with their gritty synth and thumping bass use. A melodic amalgamation of rhythm and vocals, this collaboration is sure to stick in your heads for days.

2. Firebeatz & Schella – Switch (Original Mix)

A medley of trap and electro house, Switch is one of Firebeatz’s more recent tracks. Appreciated for its ingenuous drop, Switch makes you want to move until your feet get sore. Edgy, brave synth use and a brilliant, catchy melody are only some of the best parts of this track! This is another energy packed, dynamic track sure to make every club throb with vivacity.

3. Firebeatz & Schella – Dear New York (Original Mix)

One of the first few tracks to plummet Firebeatz into the hall of fame, Dear New York is perhaps one of Firebeatz most innovative and unique tracks. With a drop and drum use and aggressive synth that has you turn up the volume to this track, Dear New York is undoubtedly a mammoth track that gets your adrenalin pumping in no time.

4. Sander van Doorn & Firebeatz – Guitar Track (Original Mix)

Think guitar riffs and super synth. This brutal track will have you flapping your arms around in revelry like a headless chicken. With a drop with a force to be reckoned with, Guitar Track’s magic is in its serene yet flamboyant melody. A potpourri of emotions are sure to ensue when you turn this track on ranging from immense euphoria to you bringing on your rage face.

5. Dubvision & Firebeatz – Rockin (Original Mix)

Need that perfect track to push your adrenalin levels to their peak? This track is an easy way to get the party rockin’! This beast doesn’t fear to destroy with a melody sure to amp up the jubilation level. With a brilliant use of synth and snare this track is on the list of every rave aficionado.

You can buy all the tracks here.


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