Adrian Hour – Make You Feel Good (Original Mix)



Now boasting a global audience that shares their penchant for free-flowing, effortless and genre-defining underground sounds, Toolroom Records go ahead and sign another talented producer onto their already glistening roster. Argentine stalwart Adrian Hour is the newest name to be added onto the ranks of the alluring record label, that has been prolific over the years in the rise and spread of the sweet underground sounds of Techno, Tech House and Deep House.

His first track on the label is perhaps his welcome note to his audiences with ‘Make You Feel Good‘, which shines as one of those groovy anthems that can fit into any DJ set, be it the warm up, the peak hour or the aftermath in the afterparty. The track lends a minimalistic bassline and vocal sample that gradually builds around surrounding FX and percussion elements. Enchanting waveforms and pads circle around the main synth melody that climbs and finds full effect around the break, where all the elements coalesce to become one resounding sound that reverberates long into the night.

You can check out the preview of the track below, but be sure to pick up the track from here once you’re done being enchanted.


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