Preview: Kryder – Fiji (Original Mix)



Kryder is just one of those artists, who’s simply unpredictable. Whether he’s on stage, giving one of his electrifying performances, or he’s in the studio, conjuring up a recipe for dancefloor destruction. With every track, the Manchester based DJ & Producer gives us more evidence of a seemingly limitless potential of creativity of his works. And his soon-to-be-released on Spinnin Records, ‘Fiji‘ takes his line of works into an all new dimension of euphoric house as he merges oceanic chants of the Melanesian island with enchanting progressive house grooves.


While we have been blessed with only a 90-second preview, we are all ears and eyes on this release, as it flares open with a refreshingly original progressive house synth groove. Pads and waveforms gradually make way for a haunting and powerful vocal chant, that at best can be described as a tribal call for spiritual awakening. Taking euphoric dance to new levels, Kryder snaps off the preview just at the mark of the break, literally leaving us begging for more! We’d have to wait to see, as our efforts will reach fruition on November 3rd, the release date of this beauty. For now, keep the preview on loop!




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