Seth Troxler Gives His Opinion On EDM

Underground tech maestro Seth Troxler opened up recently in a candid keynote address at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) recently. Known to absolutely enchant his crowd from behind the decks, Troxler took to the talking stands to give his passionate views on underground music v/s EDM, which has become a hot topic of debate in recent months, in his ‘Troxler Tells It How It Is’ keynote address. Troxler enthused,

We are different cultures, and we should stay different cultures. The underground is stronger than ever, and it can never [be] defeated… And after all the commercialization of the past few years, I think people are really coming back to the idea of real truth in music, the deepness of that. That’s what will sustain it in the future.” Troxler goes on to catechize EDM’s position in a decade or two, “Who here will have the kind of balls to stand up for who we [the underground] really are, and to cherish those ideals? With the influx of wealth being poured into dance music, it’s easy to think all that glitters is gold, but will it really be such a cool place in the next ten to twenty years?

With recent news on how ‘DJ’ Paris Hilton rakes in about $1,000,000 per gig (and let’s face it she isn’t even DJ-ing), very few can question Troxler’s vision of the future. With big-room commercial sounds becoming lazily generic, with artists focussing more on spraying bubbly and dancing on decks instead of seamless mixing and with the amount of money being pumped in for commercial acts/gigs; the Michigan-born genius’ vision may just turn into a reality…. only sooner!

But despite all this glamour and glitz, Troxler says it how it is: “We all have a really good voice in dance music, and in spite of the influence of the commercial side, the undeniable force is still coming from underground culture.” And let’s face it, we’re already seeing a slow rise in love for techno! EDM needs to get back to its roots of 2013 and before to make innovate soul-capturing music!


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