Toolroom Presents: Doorly & Friends 01 EP



The ever enchanting Toolroom Records recently gave highly reputed producer Doorly a fantastic platform to showcase dream collaborations, by launching an exciting new series dedicated to the artist’s phenomenal soundscape called ‘Doorly & Friends‘. The first release in what is sure to be a seminal EP series, ‘Doorly & Friends 01’ sees this musical polymath go head to head with two legends of the dance music scene and Doorly‘s earliest inspiration towards Dance Music. Inspired by and in collaboration with Todd Terry and DJ Pierre, Doorly produces two unforgettable tracks that reference the very origins of House music and are already seeing heavy support from Skream, Jackmaster, Annie Mac and more. Here’s what he had to say about the mammoth collaborations with the two legends.


If you’d have told me ten years ago that I would have a DJ Pierre 303 bassline and some Todd Terry drums to collaborate with, I would have thought you were mental. These two producers are easily two of my biggest musical influences and now good mates. I can’t think of a more perfect way to kick off this new collaboration EP series on Toolroom. I give you ‘Doorly & Friends 01’.


Working with the legendary Todd Terry on their collaborative venture ‘On A Mission‘, the track opens with the warm techno vibes that have since been forgotten since the big room wave took us over. Taking us back in time with the alluring underground vibes, peppered with the right tempo of Doorly‘s all-encompassing basslines, this track is sure to find more radio & club airlplays in the coming months. Next up is a collaboration with House music veteran DJ Pierre on a track titled ‘Gotta Get‘. Doorly assists Pierre on a style, for which he can be credited as a pioneer if not the founding father. Classic Tech House with adequate groove, suave and tremendous appeal, the track glistens in its simplicity, with only subtle nuances changing your tempo and limits of your arms, while you groove away to that irresistible beat.


The EP is now available for purchase and you can pick up this exciting episode here.



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