7 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Deep House By The Pier

Deep House TBB

“Regenerate is a project started by two individuals who live for music. Music constitutes their soul and adds the awesomeness to their days. Their aim is to bring together all the people who share the same feeling, as Music is nothing but spreading the love and creating a close knit family of individuals who can let go of their inhibitions to them beats.

This is how the good, gracious people at Regenerate, one of India’s leading event companies that specialise in underground music, describe themselves. Never has there been a truer description. If anyone has ever been to a Regenerate event, they’d know that it’s the sheer love and respect they have for good, quality bookings is extremely apparent. Now Regenerate is back with a brand new concept event, called “By The Pier” which is essentially an all day event, on the picturesque Radio Club Pier of Bombay.

So why should you go for this stellar event? Here’s 7 Reasons why:

1) Deep House Is The Next Big Thing

What is Deep House? Technically, Deep house is essentially a subgenre of house music that originated in the 1980s, initially fusing elements of Chicago house with 1980s jazz-funk and touches of soul music. Sonically, it include soulful vocals (if vocals are included), slow and concentrated dissonant melodies, and a smooth, stylish, and chic demeanor. Today, More realistically, we’re talking about tracks kinda around 128bpm that sound deep to a casual listener. The term is now more than anything simply a reflection of the track’s atmosphere. With the addition of today’s Future House and Tropical House garnering main stream attention, being offshoots of a more classic sound, people are digging deeper into the roots of house music. The crazy wave of Big Room/EDM sounds, though it still largely looms over most listeners, has its effects wearing off on the more eager or mature listeners.

Here’s some rare footage of Hipster Hitler finding out about the craze behind Deep House.

2) How Is Deep House Best Enjoyed?

Now after that introduction to deep house, one begs the question, how is it best enjoyed? Well, its best enjoyed the way any music is best enjoyed, on your earphones, in your car, at a club,  at your nana’s 82nd Birthday. But like all music, nothing beats the enjoyment and experience of watching it being played live, at a picturesque open setting. That’s exactly what the Radio Club offers. A beautiful pier, jutting out into the beautiful Arabian Sea. The sheer vibe of an open air setting, with the fresh sea breeze on your face and the electricity in the air, presents itself as one of the best ways you can enjoy the lusty, delicious basslines and soulful beats of deep house. What’s more; it entirely cancels the claustrophobia & confinement of an indoor location, giving you enough space, air and room to go bonkers grooving it out.


3) The Historic Choice Of Venue

The Bombay Presidency Radio Club was India’s first radio station to broadcast first programmed radio. The broadcasting had begun in July 1923. This place was commonly known as Radio Club at that time. Up until 1927, it was a sole radio station in the City. The adjoining pier looks solemnly into the Arabian Sea, making it one of the prime locations for events that last a life time. It couldn’t make any more sense to have a musical event with a venue that has such deep ties with Indian Music & Broadcasting.


4) A Perfect Getaway From City Life, Within The City!

We’re almost always so caught up with our hectic, light speed schedules that we forget to get down to our basic necessities. The urge to immerse ourselves in the arts, to enthrall our senses, and to just be swept away takes a back seat when everybody is trying to make a living. It’s about time we all pay closer attention to ourselves, and our needs as social beings. We need the interaction of like minded people. The urge to be united as one. It’s what kept us thriving as a species for so long. This would be the best occasion to get back our instinctive urges, and surround ourselves with gorgeous music, scrumptious food, breath-taking art, and wonderful, vibrant people!


5) The Diversity In Sound

Even though the theme of the event is essentially Deep House, each of the artists on offer have their own unique identity to it. The Indian talents are some of the finest on the dance music scene today, and they’ve been carefully picked from across the vast spectrum of Indian Dance Music. Each have their own unique vibe, their own unique sound. The darker tones from Oozeundat to the raw sounds from Twokid Wicked, to the melodic progressions of Regenerate’s in house talents, Blurry Slur(Qwiver’s Alter Ego) & Orbz & Zen. Let’s not forget the brilliance in talent from BLOT! & Folic State. And of course, the headliner, Kevin Knapp, who has commandeered dance floors across the world with his assertive and embracing, daring yet inevitable style. If you enjoy being taken on a journey by nothing else but music, these are your navigators, conductors and pilots.

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6) Music Not Your Thing? How About Gorgeous Art & Delectable Food!?

So we’ve rambled on about the splendid music on offer and we haven’t convinced you by now, then music might not be your cup of tea. But that’s not all that’s on offer. There’s splendid artwork curated by the wonderful people at Homegrown, which will showcase some of India’s best and most creative artists, so you can be surrounded by an aesthetic haven of beautiful art. If Art’s not your thing, how about the yummy food! With succulent barbequed items House Of Lloyds BBQ,  flavorful Chinese cuisine from Royal China, gorgeous continental from Olive Bar & Kitchen, Refreshing Gola from Go Gola, and mind blowing finger foods from The J Cafe!


7) Its a Regenerate Anniversary Party!

If you’ve ever been to any Regenerate gig before, you’d know why this is one of the main reasons you ought to go. For those who haven’t, these guys have been one of the main catalysts in sculpting the landscape of the underground dance music scene in India and have created a want for an insight to the International underground scene. Apart from being such active members of the city’s nightlife circuit, they’re warm, wonderful people and the passion that they have literally shines through at each of their events. We’ve personally had the privilege of attending most of their events, and there has always been this familial vibe that overpowers the audience. Even though, each time, there’s always a host of new faces, everyone assimilates so easily into one big, loving, compassionate community, whose common collective goal is to lose themselves to the sounds being belted out from the speakers.



So what are you waiting for? You can buy your tickets, here!




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