Astrix’s Top 5 #Bangin Tracks

Astrix's Top 5 #Bangin Tracks

A pioneer, a veteran, a flag-bearer in the genre of trance! Astrix is one of those artists who has made his mark in thetrance world through his signature sound without having compromised his urge for incredible experimentation and excellence in whatsoever sound he produces. It was back in 1995 when the trance expert discovered the harder styles of trance and since then never looked back and proved himself as the restorer of the Israeli domain over trance fanatics all over the world. With less than two weeks to go for his invasion on the Indian soil, aimed at a three city tour, and to prepare you for the same, we take a look at Astrix’s Top 5 #Bangin tracks according to us. Here they are:

1. Astrix & Pixel – Roll Over (Original Mix)

A classic created by himself and his HOMega label fellow Pixel, ‘Roll Over’ is a seamless blend of synthetic rhythms and layered melodies. Undoubtedly having unique individual elements of both artists, the 140bpm track is just the right to begin a hard trance set with. The acidic patches all through the composition are fantastic and supremely compliment the alien-etic theme of it.

2. Astrix – Sapana

Sapana’ is the most recent masterpiece by Astrix and is still available as a Pre-Master Sample on his SoundCloud page. The title of the track as we interpret resides its influence in our country itself, as ‘Sapana’ means ‘Dream’ in Hindi. As the title suggests, the track begins with a vocal sample of sensitive chants floating over the acidic bassline with mild bells like sounds that will take anybody on a soothing calm trip. If this is just the pre master sample, we can’t wait to hear the full-length original of this heavenly tune.

3. Astrix & Simon Patterson – Shadows (Original Mix)

When we first heard of two of these supernaturally talented artists collaborating on a single track, we were simply short of words. What we expected as to be massive, came out to be much more than that. Toughest to the core and reaching those dark margins, that’s ‘Shadows’ by Astrix and Simon Patterson. Released early this year, it still remains among top ten in our playlist.

4. Astrix – Jaadu

Jaadu’ is another ground-breaking production by Astrix which has stayed untouched right from the time of his first studio session for the track. Yes! This is a result of no mix or mastering. ‘Jaadu’ as we know in Hindi means ‘Magic’ is absolutely going to uplift the dance floors with its magical vibes.

5. Astrix – Acid Rocker (Original Mix)

Last but definitely not the least, ‘Acid Rocker’ from psy-trance veteran’s album “Red Means Distortion” remains our all-time favorite. Released in 2010 as a part of the album, this classic work of art comprises of all the essential elements of a psychedelic and hard trance composition. Slight inspirations from old school acidic trance melodies are what we like the most in ‘Acid Rocker’.

We hope we’ve promptly prepared you for what to expect at Astrix‘s India tour next week. For information on schedule about Astrix‘s tour, click here.


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