Gig Alert: Budweiser presents MADE stage in Mumbai!




In an era that finds a diverse range of musical consciousness, it becomes increasingly relevant to constantly keep exploring and reinventing yourself as an artist, critic or even an avid music listener. With a plethora of talent at the offering, we draw our attention towards those avant garde musicians, who have dared to challenge the norm and think outside the box. Chasing the alternate scopes of music, having pursued their dreams against all odds and inspire a whole lot in the process. People who have withstood pressures of the commonplace and the mainstream and branched out to carve their own niche. These artists also bring about a fair share of music enthusiasts, who are not just passionate about music, but celebrate music through gigs, concerts and festivals. This becomes the impetus and the starting point of Budweiser‘s alluring and exciting new project – The MADE Stage.

The MADE stage is a platform that gives Indian artists an opportunity to pursue their dreams and passion, showcasing their talent and opening a whole world of the underground music culture that is prevalent in the country. Budweiser’s Made for Music (MFM) is a concept that resulted out of Budweiser US’s Made in America. It essentially celebrates music and musicians through the power of storytelling – about artists, their journey (and dreams), how they were shaped and how they shaped culture, how they inspire the world and got inspired.

As a part of MADE Stage, Budweiser India is organizing gigs in 4 cities. The four-part series will chronicle Budweiser’s quest to work with local artist in India enabling them to showcase their talent, bringing together an eclectic mix of musicians, visual jockeys, graffiti artist, sculptors, sound & light engineers and performance directors from around the country to create unique experiences, following them as they work together creating new sounds, visuals and experiences. Budweiser India is also creating video properties through these gigs which will talk about artists from different areas (art, technology, installation etc.) and music. Some of the artists on feature will be BLOT, Teddy Boy Kill, Peter Cat Recording, Sulk Station, Fuzzy Logic, Lifafa, Hashback Hashish, Zokhuma, Nicholson, Digital Suicide, Shivnakaun amongst others. This video series will be made available on the Budweiser MADE for music website on 13th November.

Budweiser MADE Stage will create unique experiences opening a whole world of the underground music culture that is prevalent in the country. The first event will kick off at Mumbai this Friday the 31st of October, and you can find details for the same here.




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