5 reasons you need to be at Dance Attack: Halloween Edition

Halloween is in the air! Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but the Halloween spirit has taken over everywhere. And Bangalore peeps have an extra reason to be psyched about Halloween this year. Dance Attack, a property by Levitate Entertainment, which focuses heavily on production and the experience as an equal part to the music on offer, has a brand new spooky concept ready for Bangalore people looking to do something different on Halloween.
And here are 5 reasons why you should be at Dance Attack tomorrow

Wide spectrum of music
Any gig is incomplete without music. And to fulfil your music cravings, Dance Attack has taken complete care of that. The gig is being headlined by DJ Mash, who opened for Seven Lions and Above & Beyond during the Group Therapy India tour last year in Delhi. One of Kitty Su‘s resident DJ’s, Mash is well known for his progressive house and trance sets, which he is now incorporating with ABLETON Live.
Supporting Mash is Kunaal Gurbaxani aka GURBAX, who is one of the most promising, upcoming DJ and producers in the Indian bass music scene. Switching seamlessly between trap and chillstep, GURBAX released his homage to GTA: San Andreas, where he sampled the soundtrack from the game, for an old school west coast hip-hop vibe infused with some 2014 bass. Check out the track below

He also created a chillstep podcast for Getting Deeper and a Trap Energy mix. Really good stuff. Check ’em out here below.

GURBAX has also played a Supersonic Club Night with Vachan Chinappa in August.
The other supporting act for the night is Nikhil, who’s known for his alternative, ambient and trip hop sound. Perfect start for an evening, right? Wait till you check out his productions.

He also collaborated with Delhi based producer Czhar, for a track titled Into The Abyss, which he produced under his moniker Zentrap.

State of the art production and  decor
It really isn’t Halloween if it’s not scary enough. Well, Dance Attack have that base covered as well.The entry to the venue is in itself unique. Entering a lair of spooks and surprises, people will enter through a giant vampire mouth, complete with fangs and sinister looking skeletons all around. Word also has it that the DJ console will have a pretty sick backdrop, something not to be missed out on.

Imagine a Halloween setup amidst all of this. It could get spooky!

Imagine a Halloween setup amidst all of this. It could get spooky!

Welcome to the Jungle, bitch
The venue for Dance Attack is the famous Pebble – The Jungle Lounge, which has already served as a host for some of the biggest name in the global dance music industry. Imagine a Halloween party amidst a jungle. Pretty spooky vibes, right? The dedicated team behind Dance Attack have been brainstorming to curate a special experience for the people. Halloween amidst a jungle with some great music. What’s better than that? You might even find yourself dancing next to a scarecrow or skeletons (remember The Chemical BrothersHey Boy Hey Girl?) , who might lure you into a drinking match, or maybe to a dance of death! That’s gotta be fun.


A complete musical experience
The complete gig will be a journey. An experience like no other. An evolution of sounds with three distinct sets. Nikhil with his chilled, ambient sound warming up the things, with GURBAX taking over with his bass heavy style and then finally DJ Mash with his progressive and unique sets, will just take you to another level that you will cherish for a long time to come.

Dress up! 
Halloween is all about dressing up. So let your imagination run wild and go for something completely different. Something that’ll make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Dress up as a witch, or a demon or the Angel of  Death or Pennywise the Clown. Just be creative. And be different. It wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t go with the Halloween spirit.

This would totally go with the Halloween spirit.

This would totally go with the Halloween spirit.

Get ready to have your socks knocked off as Dance Attack have left no stone unturned, with state of the art production and decor to give you the best possible Halloween experience.

Event Details

Date: Saturday 1st November.

Venue: Pebble – The Jungle Lounge, Bangalore


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