Ferry Corsten – Pogo (Original Mix)

Ferry Corsten - Pogo (Original Mix)

One of the most senior DJs in the dance music scene is Ferry Corsten. While big shots like himself have contributed more than plenty to the scene, they don’t halt or keep themselves the prisoner of some particular styles. Instead, it is the time when we are blessed with highly diversified music straight from the bottom of their temperament. Flicking amid genres and succeeding his more recent mainstream production ‘Hyper Love’, Corsten once again delivers with his off-the-hook new single called ‘POGO’.

Comprising of all the features of deliciously dark, old school trance, ‘POGO’ will surely bring back memories for many of the old school lovers/listeners. One of the key features that Corsten is capable of fetching to the table is the acid melody that blends seamlessly with the deep-rooted style. The waving synths and an overpoweringly haunting topline melody to build energy, are all set to drive this number to every club floor out there. ‘POGO’ has been released on Corsten’s very own Flashover Recordings imprint and you can get it now off Beatport.


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