Preview: Baauer ft. AlunaGeorge & Rae Sremmurd – One Touch (Original Mix)

baauer-featuring-alunageorge-rae-sremmurd-one-touch-00 What happens when you combine the ambrosial vocal compositions of AlunaGeorge with the expertise of Baauer? Pearly gates of Heaven open and the angels dance to the almighty track born out of this celestial collaboration. Responsible for the viral ‘Harlem Shake’, trap dj/producer Baauer will also be responsible for getting you hooked to his latest single “One Touch“, which borrows vocals from the original single by AlunaGeorge. The track features rap by upcoming duo Rae Sremmurd and of course, a brilliant instrumental frame delivered by the DJ himself. When trap becomes too monotonous, this track serves as a fresh breath of air that you can turn to any time of the day. Slated to be released on 3rd November by LuckyMe Records, this one is definitely worth keeping an eye out for. Until then, indulge in the goodness that this track is by streaming it below!


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