Watch This: Madeon’s “Pop Culture” gets recreated by the cutest 5 year old ever!

If there’s one thing French whiz-kid Madeon is known for, it’s his innovative sounds mixed with seamless synths. And it’s easy to trace back to ‘that moment’, which changed his life forever. For those of you who are still confused, I’m talking about that one special YouTube video uploaded by Hugo over 3 years ago. I’m talking about the much loved, much awesome, much danceable tune ‘Pop Culture’. Gaining a millions of hits within a few days, ‘Pop Culture’ went viral around the web for the seamless mixing and mash-ups of 39 of his favourite songs, all done via the Novation Launchpad. It was this particular hit that catapulted Madeon into the Electronic Dance Music scene and as they say: the rest is history!

Now, can you remember your first reaction when you saw Madeon absolutely mesmerize you on your little computer screens? I do. I was genuinely rendered speechless and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I watched the video on repeat at least tens of times over the next day or two. Impressive, no doubt!

What’s crazier now, with the sudden wave of talent getting younger and younger, is that this famous tune has been recreated by the most unlikeliest of sources, i.e., a toddler (5 years old to be precise!). Of course, the seamlessness and smoothness of Madeon’s execution should not be expected from a 5 year old, but be rest assured the following video will still get your vote of confidence in this exciting kid’s talent

Remember the name ‘Ezra’ because we’re sure this kid is going places!


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