Deadmau5 quits EDM and Twitter!

deadmau5 testpilot
Deadmau5 is back in news again. The Canadian DJ and producer, who also happens to be everyone’s favourite troller, was recently in the limelight for taking potshots at both Paris Hilton and Afrojack. But it seems the mau5 is getting fed up of everything that is happening around the EDM world these days. Taking to Twitter, he expressed his opinions on the whole scene with a couple of tweets.

These tweets do not particularly mean he’s done from the electronic scene though. It’s just that  he’s too fed up from the generic, formula driven productions being released or the bandwagon DJs that are getting in it just for the sake of fame and money.
Moving into his new mansion means building a new studio. But that also might mean that he’ll be taking a break from social media for a while to just get back his groove until everything settles down.

He however did drop a hint on what he actually wants to do.

If Joel does end up doing a score, it sure will be one to look out for. But till then, we’ll just have to wait and watch.


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