Clubcast By Mixify To Launch in India with Steve Aoki and Cosmic Gate!



Mixify‘s impressive new service Clubcast could simply revolutionize Festivals and the Clubbing dimension for the avid music listener and DJ alike. The service, that has now slowly found a strong foothold amidst the growing Festival culture, could change Industry Business ethics as well as the traditional experience of attending an event by your favorite artist altogether. Built on the  brand values of Tehcnology, Talent & Savings, the service uses an interactive 2-way HD live-streaming technology, that allows aritsts to perform live for their hard-to-reach fans around the world, earning revenue and increasing reach without the hassles of travel. Meanwhile, the venues who incorporate the Clubcast technology will be able to integrate A-list artists to perform exclusive and interactive sets at your venue from anywhere in the world. With a growing market around the world, it is no wonder that India has shown tremendous promise over the past few years as being one of the largely untapped hotspots for Dance Music Culture in the world and Clubcast are seeking to extend their reach by entering into the Indian market.




With the mission to make live music more accessible and affordable, we use our 2-way HD live-streaming technology, called Clubcast, to support all in-venue experiences. With HD video and audio, Clubcast creates a completely immersive live experience that allows artists and fans the ability to party together even miles apart.


On November 7th and 8th, Steve Aoki (performing at Philadephia) then Cosmic Gate (performing at New York City) respectively will broadcast live direct to thousands of Indian fans gathered in multiple cities around the subcontinent, via Mixify’s ‘Clubcast’ experience. Performing exclusive sets at Mixify’s invite-only parties in the States, Aoki, Cosmic Gate and Vh1 Supersonic will then use Clubcast’s proprietary technology to stream live into venues across India through a 2-way interactive HD feed. David Moricca, founder and CEO of Mixify, had this to say about bringing the revolitionary experience to India.

Clubcast is about creating access, enabling venues to bring fans more unique experiences with their favorite artists, despite limitations on distance and fees. We’re thrilled to tap into a country of this size and create a new way for artists to engage this exciting market, and for Indian venues to maximize their offerings to party goers.


Allowing artists to engage with fans in multiple locations at the same time, in a streamlined, personal and highly interactive manner, the global expansion of Clubcast into India strategically taps into the 225 million EDM fans (as per stats from the 2014 International Business of Music) that make up the flourishing electronic music community. Mixify’s move to India comes on the heels of a massive surge in electronic dance festival attendance over the past year. Since its launch in June 2014, Having powered Clubcasts in 31 cities across six countries, providing access to top artists including Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, Cosmic Gate and Tommy Trash among others – but this is the first time music fans in India will have had access to the experience. Including the Vh1 Supersonic initiative, Mixify is now on track to deliver Clubcast experiences to 40 global venues each month by the end of 2014.



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