Watch This: DJ Craze shows us what #RealDJing is all about

Amidst many allegations that all DJs do on stage is push a button or play pre-recorded sets, there are  some DJs out there who still care about the art of DJing. And DJ Craze is one of them. The Nicarguan American DJ, who plays  hip hop, Miami bass, trap, breaks, dubstep, drum and bass, and practices turntablism and is also the only DJ in the history to win the DMC World DJ Championship 3 years in a row, recently uploaded a video, strutting his stuff and showing us all what DJing is actually all about.
Before getting into his routine, the video shows clips of Paris Hilton, Pauly D and Steve Aoki playing while Daniel Tosh‘s commentary on DJing plays on in the background. Then comes DJ Craze with his mind boggling “New Slaves Routine” set to DJ Snake‘s remix of Kanye West‘s New Slaves, leaving us all awestruck with the brilliance of it.
In a time of pre-recorded sets and on stage shenanigans, this video gives us hope that the art of DJing might not be lost yet.
Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


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