Watch This: Kollektivet’s Troll Video Takes Down Every DJ


From Carbon Copy Cookie Cutters to fake Daft Punk performances, from Deadmau5 taking on Martin Garrix at UMF 2014 to Adventure Club‘s rendition of DJ Snake‘s Turn Down For What, 2014 has been the year for all of EDM’s funnymen and wiseguys. In Kollektivit‘s new video called 2ManyButtons, the duo takes on all the haters who claim EDM is no more than the process of pressing play and at the same time make a mockery of all DJs and their jobs. Watching these two in a desperate attempt to make some sense of all the buttons at their disposal. Featuring some terrible yet hilarious drops and nipple twists, this troll will have you rolling on the floor in no time at all! Watch David Bruschetta and Adam Van Buusen flap around like headless chicken trying to figure out what to do in this rib-tickling video!


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