Toolroom Presents: White Label 01


Highly reputed label Toolroom has just introduced its brand new concept ‘White Label‘ which will bring its best upfront cuts from its glistening roster as well as all up-and-coming producers. Now you know, where to look, when you’re searching for the freshest and soon-to-be-anthems. The first ever EP under the ‘White Label 01’ includes tracks by Prok & Fitch, Mario Ochoa, Drunky Daniels & Mateus B and Dean J. Marriot.

exclusive access to the freshest new tracks, introducing you to undiscovered artists and soon-to-be anthems.

The first track is Prok & Fitch driving and melodic ‘Rebound‘ that is as dance floor ready as they come. An irresistible bassline fused with alluring dancefloor elements, this track will be part of your nightlife all too frequently. The second track is Mario Ochoa’s steady afterhours anthem ‘So High’, with a minimalistic percussion based groove and chirpy vocals that add that subtle taste of tech to an otherwise groovy upbeat progressive vibe. The third track is the fabulous ‘Fabulous‘ by Drunky Daniels & Mateus B’s that interspaces some chunky grooves amidst a blues-inspired bassline. Catchy vocals overlayed with the resistant bassline adds plenty of speck to the already shimmering EP. The final track by Dean J Mariot called ‘Got The Feeling’ offers an infectious slice of Disco House, completing a complete circle of variety on this splendid new EP!

Check out the preview EP below and be sure to grab your copy here!


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