Artist of the Month – Bonobo (November 2014)

team-bonobo1 Rarely do artists dabble with different styles of music with a certain panache. Not unless you’re Bonobo. Seamlessly switching between genres , from trip hop, acid jazz, downtempo, chillwave and ambient, Bonobo has grown into one of the most respected producers out there, with his unique sound and style.

Born in 1976 as Simon Green, he initially performed his DJ sets under his then moniker Barakas, and together with Robert Luis as the duo Nirobi and Barakas. Green took to the moniker Bonobo is 1999, when his song “Terrapin” was featured on indie record label Tru Thoughts‘ compilation album When Shapes Join Together. Working continuously post that, he released his debut album Animal Magic on Tru Thoughts in 2002. With the album being completely self produced, he quickly became one of the new downtempo pioneers.

bonobo Continuing his meteoric rise, Bonobo signed onto Ninja Tune, another indie record label, in 2003, releasing Dial ‘M’ for Monkey in 2003, and  a another one titled Bonobo Presents Solid Steel: “It Came From The Sea” in 2005. He followed these albums with Days To Come in 2006, which was eventually voted as the best album of 2006 by Gilles Peterson‘s listeners. 2009 saw him releasing his album Black Sands, which got him critical acclaim and saw him using tribal and middle eastern music influences in the album. The first single from the album, The Keeper, featured vocalist Andreya Triana, whose debut album Lost Where I Belong was produced by Bonobo himself. His latest album The North Borders was released last year, and the lead single from the album “Cirrus” was premiered worldwide during Gilles Peterson‘s BBC Radio 6 show.

PB285568 Other than playing solo DJ sets, Bonobo started playing with a full band in 2004, becoming one of the first artists to embrace a live setting for his shows, complete with  a singer, keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, string section, electronics, and drummer, with him playing the bass and leading the band from the middle. Dabbling in different styles over the years, Bonobo uses a wide variety of samples in his music combined with heavy, often complex basslines, with new elements in the music such as basslines or percussions coming one after the other, to create a magnificent soundscape.

Bonobo will be playing India for the very first time, at Johnny Walker – The Journey in Mumbai with his live band on the 13th of December, along with Paul Potts, Snarky Puppy and Disclocate. 1625563_408335425982318_5147389684281334331_n   Event Details Saturday, 13th December – Mehboob Studio


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