Budweiser presents MADE Stage in Delhi: A Brand New Voyage Of Cutting Edge, Underground Music!


After hosting a successful edition of the MADE Stage in Mumbai last week, Budweiser is all set to present its latest musical concept to Delhi. A fairly new concept in India, MADE Stage will feature artists from different realms, combining music, cutting edge visuals, sound and light engineers, graffiti artists and performance directors, who come together to weave an unforgettable, immersive experience for your senses.

A 4 part series, the MADE Stage will feature artistes such as B.L.O.T, Peter Cat Recording Co., Fuzzy Logic, Digital Suicide, Nicholson, Shivnakaun, Teddy Boy Kill, Sulk Station, Lifafa, Hashback Hashish, Zokhuma amongst others.
Delhi being the next stop on the MADE Stage,  Budweiser have curated a special experience for the capital city, with the underground audiovisual performance collective B.L.O.T taking over the decks to take the spectators on a mind-numbing audio and visual journey. The other act for the event are Peter Cat Recording Co., an indie gypsy jazz collective who specialize in Gypsy Jazz to Ballroom Waltz to Midnight Moonlight car chase music.

Since Budweiser have put in so much to curate an underground experience for the event, it would be a shame if the venue for the same was anything less than that. Choosing a new property, 9a & 12, above Social in Hauz Khas Village, the venue will be brimming with theatrics that would be infused with the event to bring forward a never before seen vibe .
The show will be divided into three parts,

The Voyage: a concoction of stellar light design, impeccable music, cutting edge visuals and an immaculate sound design for truly havoc wreaking sensory vibes.

The Event: Warning signs begin to flash and the light rigs replicate a crash alarm. Sounds start to ring throughout the theater, as if to indicate an interstellar crash, which leads up to the main stage.

The anti – gravity crash :The lights go off as the alarms continue to sound the lights creating havoc when the sound from the instruments start to rise and drown out the pandemonium which leads to lucid dream like atmosphere with an  ethereal vibe.

Borrowing a leaf from Budweiser US‘s Made in America concept, MADE For Music (MFM) essentially celebrates music and musicians through the power of storytelling – about artists, their journey (and dreams), how they were shaped and how they shaped culture, how they inspire the world and got inspired.
For more details, click here.


Event Details:

Date: 9th November
Venue: 9a & 12, above Social, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi


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