Dirty South Releases Sophomore Album – “With You”

Dirty South has been building the hype for his sophomore album for a long time now. After dropping a rather fascinating short film (that topped charts in 17 countries) and previously previewing some tracks on his album, Dirty South has finally given us what we’ve been waiting for. In his constant evolution, the Serbia-born/Australia-based artist attempts his hand at synesthesia by intertwining through his electronic, indie, and alternative soundscape the sense of vision and aesthetic. The album is a rather interesting amalgamation of all things wonderful, for it is immersed with utmost poignancy and brilliant production skills. Released via Virgin/ Astralwerks, noteworthy about this album are its abilities to provoke the sensory, letting the mind’s eye visualize what we hear.
A cross-genre exploration, the various tracks are perfect for the changing season. Watching life pass by in fall has a grim bearing upon us, however Dirty South‘s tracks make us look for the pot at the end of a rather monochrome rainbow. Walking on the Sun and In the Shadows are great tracks to get your spirits up.  A majority of the tracks are ballads, and soothing, beautiful ones at that. With synth and bass use that has us hurling through space and time with our eyes closed, this indie-EDM  endeavor has positively been fruitful. While the album has considerably dark overtones, it’s worth your time and energy for its unique, creative tracklist.
Here’s the full tracklist!
1. Run Run Run (ft. Kids Without Instruments)
2. One Breath (ft. J Hart)
3. In The Shadows (ft. Ruben Haze)
4. Freefallin’ (ft. Royelle)
5. Tunnel Vision (ft. SomeKindaWonderful)
6. Walking On The Sun (ft. Rudy)
7. The Best Days (ft. Kids Without Instruments)
8. The Unknown (ft. FMLYBND)
9. Drifting (ft. Ruben Haze)
10. Live Love Forever (ft. Rudy)
11. With You (ft. FMLYBND)
12. Unbreakable (ft. Sam Martin)
You can get the album here and the short film here.

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