Watch This: Percussionist covers Animals live on MIDI Bongo Drums

Move over Martin Garrix‘s production of Animals. What you’re about to see now will probably make you love this cover of Animals.
Afishal, a percussionist, recently covered Animals on a set of MIDI Bongo Drums  in a live setting, a move which might revolutionize live electronic music sets.

Consisting of a large array of MIDI controlled drums, that can be pre-programmed and incorporated with loop pedals to suit the percussive requirement of a track. Though it definitely is a larger setup and expensive, it’ll definitely allow more producers to try their hands at using the drums to give their productions a more unique, organic feel.

With more artists such as Porter Robinson playing live sets on their tours, these MIDI controlled drums could serve as a blessing in disguise.
The video shows Afishal covering Animals in front of a love audience pretty accurately, adding his own twist here and there. Looks and sounds pretty sick, to be honest.
You’ve gotta see it to believe it.


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