Discovering The Harder Side Of Trance With Astrix

It’s no secret that Astrix is one of the most prominent artists in psychedelic trance today. Hailing from Israel, Avi Shmailov aka Astrix has made a name for himself by constantly churning out quality psy and hard trance productions. Known for his phenomenal stage presence and amazing DJ sets, we help you discover the harder style of trance through Astrix’s productions.
Having cited Linkin Park and Tiesto as influences, he says “I also have a love for alternative bands like Linkin Park, and for ‘club personality’ I like Tiësto, he inspires me very much to see how well you can mix business with music and how big you can become from something that was so small in the beginning.
Check out some of his music, that is known for its solid, driving basslines, and ascending melodies with its uplifting, hard style that weaves a deep and intricate sonic picture, which sometimes incorporates changes of drum beat and tempo.


Being massively influenced by Goa trance in the beginning, Astrix began a journey of experimentation with his sound for a couple of years,  with his singles becoming part of famous and renowned compilations, before 2002 saw him release his own first solo psy-trance album, ‘Eye to Eye’ on the prestigious HOM-mega Records, and it quickly was rated as one of the best albums to date for its superior music production which mirrored his unique approach of finding a fine balance between the chaos of a dance floor and the coolness of at-home listening.


With his contemporaries such as Infected Mushroom, Alient Project, Astral Projection, G.M.S all gaining widespread recognition post 2002, it marked an era of a significant worldwide popularisation of the Israeli electronic music scene.

Starting out as DJ playing alternative and music from the 80’s in 1995, Astrix soon discovered electronic music, and soon got introduced to trance in 1997, when he was invited for a trance party. That marked the beginning of a stellar journey for Astrix, where he went from strength to strength and made a name for himself in the psy trance scene. Having released 3 studio albums and 8 EPs, Astrix has performed at numerous festivals around the world and some of the biggest night clubs such as Alexandra Palace, Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Brixton Academy amongst others.

Astrix‘s India tour, hosted by Rage Entertainment, kicks off today in Mumbai, with Delhi and Pune being the other destinations for the tour.


Event Details

Friday, 7th November: Club Royalty, Mumbai

Saturday, 8th November:I-Kandy, Delhi

Sunday, 9th November: Blue FROG, Pune


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