Hans Zimmer Explains His Love & Passion For Dance Music

Hans Zimmer Explains His Love & Passion For Dance Music

If you’re just as avid movie buffs as we are, then you definitely know of Hans Zimmer. One of the greatest composers of all time, Hans has scored for huge blockbusters such as The Lion King, Inception, The Dark Knight and more. Boasting of an all too impressive record, he swears by most of the gadgets our favourite dance music acts have been using for a while. He says,

“The weird thing is all the DJs and all the electronic guys sort of think I’m still relevant because I am part of that world, and I can talk oscillators and filters and frequency shifters and stuff like that…In the ’70s I started making music with computers because I thought, ‘Wow, great, you can misappropriate these things which are designed for accountancy and you can actually go and make weird noises with them.”

Even though his orchestral scores, for example ‘Gladiator’, may not consist of any electronic components, Hans has still been using computers for years. The spellbinding synths IMAX theaters erupt with are, in fact, the same synths Disclosure have been slaying dance floors with!

Watch the full interview here.


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