Regenerate Anniversary Special: Our Best Memories Of The Year Gone By!



India today is blessed with centuries of culturally and ethnic diverse cultures. This ethnicity has even transpired into our musical realms, with a pool of talented artists and musicians bringing their own unique style and expression to the fore. With a plethora of talent out there, Regenerate have been one of those able scouts that has given the artists the platform they deserve through their delectable nightlife experience, or international tours featuring the best artists from around the world. Curating events where music takes centerstage, and distancing themselves from all other gimmickry and pomp-and-show, every Regenerate night becomes memorable for the attendee as they take a journey into their uniquely crafted nightlife experience. On this day, nearly a year after its inception, we caught up with the head honchos Bhishma Sagar and Aneesha Kotwani to ask how it all started, while we take a journey back to the year that was and the fantastic events they’ve curated.



Regenerate with Geddes, Moniker & Moonshine (October 2013)

ged1 ged2 ged3 ged4 ged5

Regenerate with Nils Hoffmann, Qwiver & Orbs&Zen (March 2014)


nils2 nils3 nils4 nils1


Regenerate with Daniel Steinberg (April 2014)

10155686_276541515847183_285745277_n 10155156_276541669180501_1278411813_n 10156163_276546185846716_1136322314_n 1535000_276546105846724_1911000503_n(1) 1619307_276545052513496_1765017526_n

Regenerate & The White Owl presents Tigerskin (LIVE) (April 2014)


ts5 ts4 ts3 ts2 ts1


Regenerate with HNQO, Qwiver & Orbs&Zen (June 2014)


hn4 hn1 hn5 hn3 hn2

Regenerate with Anna Leevia & Qwiver (October 2014)


ann2 ann1 ann3 ann4 ann5


TBB: How did the two of you’ll meet?

Bhishma: Through a childhood mate who went to University with Aneesha.


TBB: How did it all start?
Bhisma: Like any other good story starts out of blue,over a beer at The Daily.

TBB: Why did you’ll opt to choose the name Regenerate?

Bhishma: Always argue about how this name came up. Let’s just say why not Regenerate! Name and us go hand in hand:)


TBB: What your visions and aims for its future are?

Bhishma: We have a couple more of open air events happening sooner than you know it, until we go back to doing our studio gigs. In the meantime, we are trying to focus more on the agency getting all the artists more gigs around the country and a new property we are coming up with in a month. By The Pier should give you a slight insight into the future.See you Saturday!



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