Watch This: Deorro Explains His Decision To Quit DJing

Earlier in May this year, brilliantly-gifted Electronic Music Producer Deorro created a massive uproar when he announced via Twitter that he would soon retire from DJing all together. Post that announcement the current World no.19 DJ (according to DJ Mag) went on to release some mind-boggling tunes & live shows that left us flabbergasted, which begs the question: Why quit DJing Erick? WHY?

Merely at a budding age of 23 many are still zapped as to why would such a young talent stop touring when his rise to superstardom has only just begun? Known for his innovative beats and trumpet-esque glitches, Deorro explained his decision when on tour in Deutschland aka Germany. He says:

“Touring has blessed me with everything that I have. But now that I have everything I need, I also want to give the same thing to others. I’m going to replace myself with ten people that also want the same dream.” And further adds: “Don’t get me wrong, I love to DJ, I’m gonna miss it. I’m probably gonna miss it two days after I go home but I’d rather miss DJing than my family.”

We’re sure not many can hold ‘wanting to spend more time with my family and kids’ against him, but at the same Electronic Dance Music loyalists are sure to miss out on one of the most talented producers and DJs on the circuit today. You can catch the entire interview below, where he speaks about building on his PandaFunk label as well as a new studio that is under works.

I would highly suggest everyone to catch Deorro live if he’s spinning at a place near you. If not, you will live to regret it (trust me) 😉


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