Preview: The Lighthouse and the Whaler – Venice (Bearson Remix) [Free Download]

bearson venice remix

Don’t say good bye to summer just yet, because we’ve got the perfect tropical house remix for you! Bearson just whipped out a rework of ‘The Lighthouse & The Whaler’s single, “Venice“ and it’s cooked to perfection!

The 19 year old DJ from Norway shone out with his creativity as he picked out the warm, indie single ‘Venice’ and pepped it up with delicious tropical riffs. The remix does 100% justice to the original whose melody was kept minimalistic to let the vocals get the limelight. Bearson, however accentuated the track as a whole by injecting a breezy melody that any one would love to sway to.

What’s more? The remix is available for free download on Bearson’s Soundcloud account. All you need to do now is click the link below to get the free download, grab a Sangria and indulge in the sweet, sweet tune of this track!


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