Nanok – Fever EP [Free Download]



DJ and producer Jai Vaswani, better known as Nanok, releases a brand new EP, Fever, hot on the heels of his massive album earlier this year, ‘Death By Shoelaces‘. Having redefined his sound with the release of his artist album, Nanok has established himself as one of the rising stars of Indian independent electronica in the months since. The sparkling five-track EP maintains his now familiar dance floor-friendly, easy but upbeat sound, while ensuring plenty of musical depth, from groovy to futuristic, with elements of pop and soulful vocals deftly added to the mix. The release of the EP is accompanied by an incredibly fun, fantastic music video for the title track, and the best part – the EP is available for Free Download!

The title track ‘Fever‘ infuses a peppy disco-funk vibe through its intimate elements fused with electronica arrangements. Without imposing itself, the track warms up our dancing toes as we foot-tap our way into the more intense second track from the EP. ‘This Feeling‘ makes use of soulful vocals by Zubin layered over complex funk patterns, that whilst staying upbeat adds a slight tinge of melancholia. It’s the third track’1973‘ that shines and rises like a crescendo to the EP, with its futuristic electronica-work and dreamy synth arrangements. Poignant vocals by Reisa intertwined with complex FX patterns, makes this track the highlight of the EP showing Nanok‘s phenomenal production quality. The fourth track, ‘The Next Day‘ takes the tempo down a few notches with its sharp vocals by VN, whilst employing the use of alluring chord progressions. The final track on the EP ‘Future‘ doubles up as a Bonus Track on the EP, and summarizes this complete EP, with its emphatic guitar riffs and modulating FX, that at best show Nanok‘s penchant for limitless creativity. Here’s what the red hot producer had to say about his EP release.

I think Fever is both a continuation of and a progression from Death By Shoelaces. Some of the tracks on this EP were made even before I released Death By Shoelaces, but I’ve revisited them now and reworked them on the basis of the vibe I was looking for at this point.

The title track comes up with a timely release of a music video. Featuring actor/comedian Varun Thakur and produced by the Mumbai-based video content house CATNIP, the music video for ‘Fever‘ feeds off the incredibly fun, disco vibe of the title track off the EP. A quirky comedy video featuring an idiosyncratic protagonist consumed by a peculiar kind of fever, much to the disapproval of his mother and his cat, the video was shot in a day in the by-lanes of Mumbai. Check it out here!


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